AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer Starter Kit

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What sets this sealer apart?
Bioactivity of bioceramic sealers is important but you need more to ensure a stable seal. The apical seal is only completed after the sealer sets. AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer stands apart from the rest because it sets quickly, has a high washout resistance and is more radiopaque compared to current market leaders.

AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer Starter Kit
Pre-loaded syringe that does not require any pre-mixing
Content: 1 x Syringe (3g), 20 x Cannulas (24g), 5 x Storage Caps, 1 x User Card

Why choose AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer?
Providing an ideal environment for Hydroxyapatite formation paving the way for the body’s self healing process.

Wash-out resistant
Thanks to its low solubility and low film thickness our sealer stably seals the root canal.

Our sealer produces a wide range of hydroxyapatite crystals within the dentinal tubules. Being lipophilic and hydrophilic, leading to a gap-free bond with the canal wall and gutta-percha simultaneously. No need for surface treated gutta-percha points.

Convenience delivered in a pre-mixed syringe with a small 24 gauge that can be placed directly into the canal.

Triple lock your obturation
Precise Shape: Every tooth is different; every clinician has preferences. The files of our treatment solutions ensure an ideal shape for your workflow.

Conform Fit Technology: Less waste and saves time because the first cone fits every time.1

Bioceramic Seal: AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer quickly sets, the final step towards inducing tissue healing.1

Our difference
A faster set: Fast and predictable set time of 2-4 hours
Dimensionally stable: Low solubility of 0.11% with a high washout resistance to stably seal the root canal for a long time.
Safe and biocompatible: Induces tissue healing and does not stimulate periodontal tissue, even when in contact.1
Better radiopacity: 25% more radiopaque than the EndoSequence® BC Sealer™ and TotalFill® BC Sealer™.1
Enhanced aesthetics: Free of Bismuth Oxide, our sealer does not discolor the tooth and guarantees a confident smile.2
Retreatability: Removable even after setting with a general hand file or NiTi file.