AH Plus Cleaner Liquid - Replacement Cements Remover

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Liquid for removing unset AH Plus Root Canal Sealer.
AH Plus Cleaner liquid is used when root canal filling and adhesive restoration of a tooth are performed during one appointment. AH Plus Cleaner liquid is designed for the removal of residual unset AH Plus root canal sealer from the cavity walls.
AH Plus Cleaner liquid offers the following features:

Removes residuals of unset AH Plus root canal sealer from enamel and dentin.
Prepares enamel and dentin for application of XP BOND Universal Total-Etch Adhesive, Prime&Bond® NT Nano-Technology Dental Adhesive and Xeno V+ One Component Self-Etching Dental Adhesive

Contains 1x 5ml bottle and 2 x applicator dishes