Airflow Classic Sodium Bicarbonate Powder - Mint - 4*300 gr

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Powders are as integral to AIR-FLOW treatments as the device itself, and the innovative AIR-FLOW powders enable new clinical applications while being safe and comfortable for the patient.

Powder particle composition, size and density all contribute to its impact and intended use, and powder must be selected based on the AIR-FLOW unit or powder chamber being used. 

Bicarbonate Powder Air Flow Classic

The Original AIR-FLOW Classic powder is compatible with the EMS AIR-FLOW mechanical cleaning system. Suave y selectivo para los profesionales de la limpieza dental y de la eliminación de la placa, estos polvos proporcionan eficacia fisiológica y farmacológica. Bicarbonato sódico son las palabras mágicas, y el patrón de referencia de la profilaxis. The alkaline effect of the Original AIR-FLOW CLASSIC powder protects against tooth decay, while the osmotic effect strengthens the treatment of inflamed gums.

Lemon, mint, cherry and neutral... these are the new flavours. Frescos, afrutados y agradables. Para los que prefieren que no sepa a nada o padecen alergias, EMS también ofrece el polvo en sabor Neutro.

Features of Air Flow Powder Classic:

  • Fluid cleaning powder.
  • For the classic application of the Original AIR-FLOW EMS Method.
  • For the removal of plaque and stains from teeth.
  • No clogging thanks to optimised flow quality.
  • Small grain size ~ 40 µm.
  • Available in different flavours and in a special mixed fruit pack. (Lemon, mint, cherry and neutral).
  • With sodium bicarbonate and amorphous, hydrophobic silicon oxide.
  • Content: 4bottles of 300 gr.