Axiostat Non- Absorable Dental Haemostatic Dressing

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Axiostat Dental Haemostatic Dressing is intended to achieve quick haemostasis during dental procedures like - tooth extraction, oral and Maxillofacial surgery. It is found to effectively control and stop bleeding on patients who are anti-coagulants. A must-have in a dental dressing kit

Stops Moderate to Severe Bleeding Instantly

Effective on oral mucosal tissue wounds

Effective on patients on Blood Thinners

Ease of Application & Painless Removal

There are 80 individual sterile bleeding stoppers in the package.

Composition Biopolymer Technology Charge based Protonated

Bioadhesive Technology (PBT™) Mechanism Mucoadhesion due to charge Type Sponge, natural polymer –

Biocompatible Flexibility Very flexible,active on all sides Sterility Sterilized using Gamma

irradiation Shelf Life 5 Years Removal Irrigate with Saline/Water Side Effects None Implant No

Sizes: D11: 1×1 cm