Biopad Collagen Sponge Cone - 10*10 cm

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Biopad Collagen Sponge Cone - 10*10 cm

BIOPAD® is an ivory-white soft sponge, a lyophilized type I naterheterologous collagen extracted only from horse flexor tendon, free of gelatin, preserving the natural structure of the body's skin tissue.

BIOPAD® is supplied in a single pack, sterile for single use, and is available in sizes from 1x1 cm to 10x15 cm. Standard size is 5x5 cm.


BIOPAD® can be cut to wound size and easily adapted to wound size and shape.

BIOPAD® is an active dressing that plays an active role in all phases of the wound healing process, stimulating granulation tissue growth and improving regeneration tissues. Provides:

1. the balance between absorption and moisture at the wound surface
2. gas exchange
3. Barrier to prevent bacterial infections
4. completely non-stick

The use of BIOPAD® is completely painless for the patient and the dressing does not need to be removed or changed.


Rapid restoration of the integrity of the worn surface is critical in the healing process: BIOPAD® is the ideal tool to ensure rapid healing of the injured area.

BIOPAD® is the ideal and most innovative dressing for the control of minor bleeding and local management including moderate to severe wounds.

Pressure sores,
Donor sites and other bleeding surfaces,
· Dehisced surgical incisions,
Drainage wounds,
· Tendons,
Venous stasis ulcers,
Diabetic ulcers,
Partial and full thickness wounds
Post-laser surgery,
· Podiatric,
· Surgical and traumatic wounds.

The advantages of using BIOPAD® can be summarized as follows:

Reducing recovery time
· Best scar quality · Ulcer
excellent results even when difficult to treat
· Easy to use
Painless application
Reduced dressing frequency
Outpatient treatment (in acute phase)
Home treatment (after the acute period)


There is 1 piece of 10 cm collagen sponge in the package.