C-Sailor Lighted Physiodispensary Device & Implant Contra-angle

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C-SAİLOR İmplant System(Fizyo Dispenser İmplant System)
Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation
1. Standard reduction latch style contra angle
2. Avaliable for standard reduction hanpdiece
3. Autoclave repeatable at 134 degrees
Original Switzerland Surgical brushless motor
1. Speed control from 0 rpm to 50000 rpm, strong torque and with wide speed range for all kinds fo treatment.
2. Maximum torque is 55N.cm. Powerful torque output can be efficient cutting bone.
3. Stability, no overheating, silent.
Foot control pedal
1. Ergonomic and quick operation of every function during surgery.
2. Multi functional foot control pedal, could achieve all the operating functions.
Intelligent cooling system
1. Hand control and foot control.
2. Inner and external channel cooling and wash.
3. Quiet and strong water pump (5 stage - control) (50ml/min -100ml/min).
High performance control system
1. Big LCD screen, easy to operate.
2. Nine kinds of the reduction contra angle to choose
Supported Gear ratio: 1:5, 1:4, 1:1, 4:1, 16:1, 20:1, 27:1, 32:1, 64:1
3. Ten setting programs, preset the speed of air motor, cooling liquid flow and torque, reverse and specific speed 
4. Achieve stepless speed regulation.
Speed and torque for contra angle 20:1 and 32:1
Torque: 5.0 -55N.cm
Speed with 20:1 contra angle: 30 -2500 rpm
Speed with 32:1 contra angle: 15-1500 rpm
Maximum output power: 120w
Power: AC 110/230V, 50/60 HZ
Torque: 5.0-55N.cm (20:1)
BLDC Speed: 0 rpm -50000 rpm
RPM: 0-2500 rpm (20:1)
Infusion flow: 0-100ml/min
Motor: Original import Surigical brushless motor