Cacao Barry Ocoa Dark Chocolate Couverture Pistoles 70% - 1Kg

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Brand: Cacao Barry


  • Dark chocolate with a very pure and intense cocoa taste. Good balance between bitterness and acidity
  • High fluidity, ideal for moulding and coating purposes. Will beautifully enhance your fillings
  • Cocoa beans from Ivory Coast, mainly Forastero variety
  • Pure and intense taste of cocoa thanks to the new and unique "Q fermentation" method
  • Part of Cacao Barry's "Purity from Nature" product line. OK Kosher certification

Details: Description Purity from Nature Following the harvest of cocoa beans, fermentation is a necessary and crucial step in developing the flavours present in the beans. Cacao Barry has discovered specific ferments naturally present in the local environment (plant leaves and soil of the plantations) that have the best impact on the fermentation process. The result is intense and pure flavours released by each bean. This is Q-Fermentation. Ocoa 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture A dark chocolate couverture with a very pure and intense cocoa taste and a good balance between bitterness and acidity. An ideal chocolate couverture for moulding and coating purposes, which will beautifully enhance your fillings. Pairing tips: paprika, cinnamon, vanilla, jamaican pepper, cloves, fleur de sel, blackcurrant, pear, apricot, caramel, sea scallops, malt extract. Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla flavor. May contain milk. ____________________________________________ Chocolat Noir de Couverture Ocoa 70% Un chocolat noir singulier au goût intense de cacao et une bonne balance entre amertume et acidité. Un chocolat de couverture idéal pour le moulage et l'enrobage. S'accorde bien avec: paprika, cannelle, vanille, poivre de la Jamaïque, clous de girofle, fleur de sel, cassis, poire, abricot, caramel, pétoncles, extrait de malt. Ingrédients: pâte de cacao, sucre, émulsifiant (lécithine de soja), arôme naturel de vanille. Peut contenir du lait.

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