CALAJECT - Pain-free injection - Computer Assisted Local Anaesthesia

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Pain-free injection
CALAJECT™ helps you deliver pain free injections. The system controls the flow rate, which ensures a smooth and gentle flow of anaesthesia. Even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient. The light pen grip provides a relaxed working position and good finger support shows where the needle can be kept perfectly still in situ.

Control unit

Touch screen – easy and simple to operate.
Display of actual injection pressure – including automatic switch-off in case of excessive resistance in the tissue.
Acoustic signal indicating actual flow rate.
Operated by a separate foot controller included in the package.
Handpiece and stand

Vibration free and tactile hand piece.
Visual contact with the cartridge during the entire injection.
Automatic aspiration when pressure on the foot control is eased.
Used with standard dental needles and cartridges

The traditional anesthetic syringe is an archaic device that has not evolved much in the last century. It delivers anesthetic but does nothing to help you control your injections.

  • Calaject allows you to optimize your injection technique
  • Provide the most comfortable injections consistently and with ease
  • Simple and fast to learn
  • More Precise mandibular blocks
  • Fast Onset
  • Easier to perform more injections

Better for your practice!

  • Confidence building and practice building
  • Position you and your practice as a gentle, caring environment
  • Prevent attrition by showing your patients that you invest in their comfort
  • Attract new patients through word of mouth


Better for your patients!

Simply put - 100% of your patients will prefer injections with Calaject

The pain felt during injections is not due to the needle, but is due to anesthetic flowing under finger pressure through the patient's soft tissues. It is not possible to consistently hand inject under this pain threshold for all your injections. Calaject has three one-button, automated programs that control and optimize anesthestic flow - below the pain detections levels.