Calibra Veneer Set - Laminated Adhesive Set

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Calibra Veneer Set  - Laminated Adhesive Set

With more than twelve years of proven clinical performance, Calibra Veneer cement is the only coating cement you'll ever need. A visible light-curing cement allows for virtually unlimited cleaning time. The thixotropic nature allows for convenient uses and you can easily pair better than ever pastes for natural, beautiful restorations. Choose from our 5 aesthetic shade options, all with ShadeStable™ technology, to avoid any discoloration over time.
Calibra veneer laminate cementation kit package includes:
5 x 1.8gm Veneer syringes (1 each: Light, Medium, Translucent, Opaque, Bleach),
5 x 1.8gm Try-In syringes (1 each: Light, Medium, Translucent, Opaque, Bleach),
1 x 4.5ml Prime & Bond® XP,
1 x 3ml Calibra Silane Coupling Agent,
1 x 3ml Caulk Tooth Conditioner Gel + 25 applicator needles,
50 flocked applicator tips,
1 dispensing wall and
1 light shield cover