Carpid Composite Finishing & Polishing Bur - C247 - for Air Turbine

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Carpid Composite Polishing Bur C247 - 1 Pcs 

The Frank Dental Composite Polishing Bur helps you achieve the most natural shapes and contours possible.
Effective and Easy to Use
Frank Dental Composite Polishing Burs are an effective, easy-to-use range of burs for shaping and shaping anterior and posterior composites.

The time and effort it takes to render quality, natural-looking composite restorations can be of little use if the composite is not completed correctly. If you use sub-finishing tools to sculpt and shape your restorations, the fine nuances of the restoration can be compromised. By using Frank dental polish f carbides and diamonds, you can efficiently achieve a high-quality, natural look on all your composite restorations without shortcut results.

Packaging :
1 Piece Frank Dental Carpide Polishing Bur