Cavit-G Temporary Filling Material – Grey - 28gr

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3M ESPE Cavit g Temporary Filling Material

3M Cavit G is a temporary filling material self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.The final hardness of the three variants decreases in the sequence of listing. Cavit G can be removed in one piece without residue.


  • Temporary restorations, especially inlay preparations.
  • Temporary fillings.
  • Filling implant sites.
  • Relining temporary prefabricated crowns and bridges.


  • Proven filling material for temporary fillings.
  • Removable completely without burs.
  • Simple to apply with filling instrument.
  • Quick and void-free curing in a moist environment.


  • Use an instrument to fill the required quantity into the wet cavity.The hardening process starts after a few minutes. Avoid any exposure to chewing pressure for about 2 hours after application
  • Deep cavities need not be filled completely. If the material is used to close up a drug, pressure-free application is recommended
  • Use rotary instruments to remove the temporary filling. Remove the Cavit G filling with a stiff probe.


    • 28g paste.

Cavit-G - 3M - Geçici Dolgu Materyalleri - Cavit-G