Cytoplast Titanium High-Density PTFE Membranes - Buccal 17*25 mm

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Osteogenics - Cytoplast Titanium-Reinforced Non-Resorbable High-Density PTFE Membranes - Buccal 17*25 mm

Non-resorbable high-density PTFE membrane

Ideal for ridge augmentation and grafting bony defects missing one or more walls

Membrane can be molded and shaped for tenting and space maintenance

Titanium frame may be trimmed and shaped to create additional space for bone growth

Although primary closure is recommended for long healing periods, dense PTFE membranes are impervious to bacteria and can withstand exposure

Regentex™ surface is designed to increase surface area available for soft tissue attachment

ften used with on-lay grafting in ridge augmentation procedures, Cytoplast™ Ti-150 titanium-reinforced membranes provide clinicians with the predictability they are accustomed to with the Cytoplast™ TXT-200 membranes, along with the added benefit of a titanium frame to maintain space during guided bone regeneration. These membranes are also popular for adding structural support when grafting 3 or 4-walled extraction sites.


Although primary closure in ridge augmentation procedures is recommended, Cytoplast™ Ti-150 membranes incorporate a high-density PTFE base (Cytoplast™ TXT-200) that is engineered to withstand exposure as long as soft tissue has 360° coverage around the edges of the membrane. The textured Regentex™ surface is designed to increase the surface area available for cellular attachment, thereby assisting in stabilization of the membrane and prevention of soft tissue retraction.

With twelve different membrane configurations, little trimming is necessary to fit a variety of defect sizes. However, the membranes can be trimmed according to clinicians’ needs.

Ti-150 membranes are 40% thinner than Ti-250 membranes, providing clinicians another handling option in Cytoplast™ Titanium-Reinforced Membranes.

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