Dentacomp Easy Matrices Kit- Kerr Supercap Alternative Matrices

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Dentacomp Easy Matrix Kit Universal Matrix Compression System

Dentacomp Easy Matrix
Perfectly formed for the macro zone, the Dentacomp universal matrix compression system is the ideal matrix system for clear and steel posterior matrices.

Universal Metal Matrix Tape with Roller System

It is the ideal steel matrix system suitable for use in the posterior region. It is especially designed to achieve ideal contact points in composite and amalgam fillings in the posterior regions. The system has been developed especially for fast and practical restoration.

During the application, portmatrix carrier etc. in the mouth of the patient. It also provides an excellent viewing angle since there is no tool left and only the tape and the reel surrounding the tape are left on the relevant tooth wall.




500 Pcs Self Rolling Matrix Tape 5,0 mm( 5 Box)

500 Pcs Self Rolling Matrix Tape 6,3 mm (5 box)

1 Pcs Matrix Application Gun

1 Pcs T-resto Triobond 5ml

1 Pcs Parion Restorative Composite 4gr syringe