Dental Natural Diamond Bur - 862 Dental Burs - For Turbine - 5 Pcs

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Dental Natural Diamond Bur - 862 Black-Green-Yellow-Red Belt Dental Natural Diamond Bur - For High Air Turbine  - 5 Pcs

They are produced from high quality natural diamonds.

Diamond burs flame
To use with a High Speed handpiece (turbine)
Product information:

Manufacturer: Frank Dental
Material : Natural Diamond Bur
Model : 862
Type : Diamond burs flame
Ring Colour : Black , Green, Red , Yellow
Made in . Germany
Contents: 5 pieces
Diamond dental burs: Diamond is the hardest natural material known to man and, therefore, is the material of choice when it comes to wearing down the hardest tissue in the human body: tooth enamel. Diamond burs have a steel shank and an active part coated with natural or synthetic diamond powder. The vast majority of commercially available dental burs are made of synthetic diamond and it is less common to come across natural diamond burs. Manufacturers who use natural diamond usually emphasise this characteristic, as it gives the burs greater quality, efficiency and durability. Of course, the cost of a natural diamond burr is higher than that of a synthetic diamond burr.