Dentalflim Ergonom-X Self Developing D-Speed Film

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Ergonom-X Class D self-developing film (instant-film) allows immediate diagnosis and prevents the dispersion of liquids. The chemicals are contained in a pocket on the reverse of the film - simply press on the pocket to begin the development process.

Ergonom-X is ideal in emergency situations (failure of RVG software, absence of the assistant, etc.) or simply to use a product that eliminates the need to equip a darkroom, to buy bottles of developing and fixing liquids or simply to save money on costs.

Excellent filing: 10 years of image shelf life after the development and fixing operation.
Class D.
More practical for retroalveolar radiographs thanks to the ergonomic shape that allows easier introduction into the oral cavity.
The self-developing endoral film makes it possible to obtain a perfectly developed and fixed image in just 50 seconds.
No waste of material and no chemical release on the hands or work area, following the instructions the film can be extracted without dispersion of liquids.
The mono-bath is contained in a special flexible container produced with high specification barrier materials that guarantee a perfect preservation of the chemical properties.
Ergonom-X is compatible with 60 and 70 kV radiography devices.
Film dimensions: 30.5 x 40.5 mm.
Pack of 50 filmDental film ERGONOM-X - MIXDENT