Dia Proseal Resin Based Root Canal Sealing Material - 16 g

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Dia Proseal Resin Based Root Canal Sealant - 16 g

DIA-PROSEAL, root canal sealer, is an epoxy resin-based formula with exceptional flow properties.

The ideal root sealant with low shrinkage reduces the gaps between the sealant and the canal wall.
The low solubility makes it resistant to degradation over time.
Paste 1: 1 to paste the manual mixing system.
Quick and Easy Preparation and Less Waste
Mixing and processing is very smooth
Its excellent flow properties allow it to reach and seal the side channels, making it particularly suitable for hot gutta-percha methods.
It offers a working time of 1 hour and a setting time of 7 hours.
Better biocompatibility for susceptibility and a solution to periapical inflammation.
high radiopacity
Lightly coated Gutta Percha Spots with good film thickness.
Package Included
1 16 g syringe (Base 6.5 g + Catalyst 9.5 g).
1 mixing pad
1 Spatula