DiaPrep Pro EDTA Root Canal Preparation Cream

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(use in conjunction with sodium hypochlorite)
Debridement in the root canal
Dissolution of pulp remnants
Removal of smear layer
Facile movements of canal instruments
Microbicidal treatment within the canal
Clearance of dentin tubules and apical area
EDTA removes smear layer, softens dentin, and facilitates the removal of calcific obstruction
Urea Hydrogen Peroxide reacts with Sodium Hypochlorite to produce oxygen bubbles that flush out debris within the canal
The lubricant medium facilitates instrument movement within the canal to eliminate instrument binding or breakage
Unclogged dentin tubules and apical area permit better penetration of root canal medicaments and fillings
Rapid cleaning and enlarging of canals because EDTA softens canal walls and removes calcium deposits
EDTA paste is easier to place into canals than EDTA liquid solution
Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) 17%
Urea Peroxide 3.5%
Polypropylene Glycol & Polyethylene Glycol
#2002-4100 Regular Kit
Contains: 2 syringes of 6 g and 10 disposable tips