Electric Micromotor C-Puma Lighted Unit Mounted

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Electric Micromotor C-Puma Lighted Unit Mounted

Electric micromotor Technical

  • torque outputMax. 3.5 N.cm


Speed range

  • 2000rpm-40000rpm (11)
  • 125rpm-2500rpm(161)
  • 10000rpm-200000rpm(15)
  • LED light>25000LUX
  • light:white LED
  • 135autoclaved sterilizationonly for micromotor
  • volume126mm dia.23mm
  • main unit
  • voltageAC 100-240V
  • outMax. 120W
  • volume:160mm x140mm x70mm
Can be sterilized under the temperature up to 135(only for the micro motor)

Main unit

  • VoltageAC 100-240V
  • OutMax. 120W
  • Volume::160mm x140mm x70mm