EverStick NET - Fibre Reinforcement for Labial Splinting

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EverStick NET 1*30 Cm2

Ultra Thin (0.06mm) Leaf Type Glass Fiber
Product Code: 100002
In the packaging:1. One everStick NET 30 cm2 glass fiber mesh
Glass Fibre Reinforcement For Labial Splinting
With his extremely thin and aesthetic bi-directional fibre mesh everStickNET is the optimal choice for labial splints in trauma cases. This pre-impregnated glass fibre splint offers a minimal invasive solution with reliable bonding, optimised handling properties and aesthetics.


Totally metal free, transparent and high aesthetic solution
Comfortable for the patient because it can be designed to be self-cleansing and to not interfere with masticatory function
Can be re-activated and are easy to remodel or repair
Easy to remove when necessary


Labial splinting of traumatized teeth
Labial periodontal splinting
Repair and reinforcing of veneers