EverX BulkFill Posterior Composite - Fiber Reinforced Composite 50x0.25 mg

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Fiber reinforced composite for dentin replacement
Holes with 3 or more surfaces to be refurbished
Missing end cavities
Deep cavities (including class I, II and endodontically treated teeth)
Cavities after amalgam replacement (especially amalgam placement often causes cracks and tip fractures)
Gaps where onlays and inlays are also specified
Note: GC everX Posterior should always be covered with a light-cured composite layer.
everX Posterior is a fiber-reinforced composite designed to replace dentin with a conventional composite such as Essentia Universal tint used as an enamel substitute.
EverX Posterior's short fibers will make an excellent substrate for reinforcing any composite restoration in large cavities.
The fibers will also prevent and arrest crack propagation through filling, which is considered the main cause of composite failures.
Short fibers prevent and stop the progression of fractures in the restoration
Fracture toughness equivalent to dentin and nearly double that of any composite will bring unmatched strength to the restoration
Minimal horizontal shrinkage as a fiber contributes to shrinkage reduction in the orientation direction.
4 to 5 mm increments can be healed at the same time
Reliable attachment to the lap composite and tooth structure