Everx Flow + G-aenial injectable Campaign - Fiber Reinforced Composite

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Gc Dental Everx Flow + G-aenial injectable Campaign

Short fiber reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement
everX Flow is a short fiber reinforced, flowable composite indicated for direct restorations (with a conventional composite as the enamel layer) and dentin replacement, and is for core formation.

Thanks to its short fibers, everX Flow effectively strengthens restorations and exhibits exceptionally high fracture toughness. The fibers also help guide cracks and avoid catastrophic failures, making everX Flow the most suitable material to use on weakened or cracked teeth, for example after amalgam removal.

everX Flow has a very thixotropic viscosity that allows it to flow and adapt perfectly to the cavity floor, even when used in upper molars, but without any settling. This optimum consistency makes your restorative treatment both faster and easier.

everX Flow is available in two different colors to meet all your clinical needs. The bulk color shade has a depth of 5.5mm and is perfect for deep cavities or when you want to speed up the treatment. Dentin color has higher opacity and needs to be layered and will be the best choice when looking for the best possible aesthetic results.
Dentin replacement material for all direct restorations including large posterior cavities, deep cavities and endo-treated teeth, cavities with missing ends or after amalgam removal and where inlays and onlays are also recommended
Core formation
Optimum for reinforcing large restorations thanks to the reinforcing effect of the fibers
Excellent fracture toughness reducing the risk of catastrophic failure
Excellent thixotropy for easy insertion and adaptation
No collapse even in the upper molars
Quick procedure when using bulk shadow (with layer thickness up to 5.5 mm)
Excellent aesthetic results with dentin shade (in 2 mm layers)
Indicated for both dentin replacement and core formation preparations

  • 2 Piece Everx Flow Syringe
  • 1 ml Gaenial Injectable Syringe