Facelight Proface Innovative Caries Detection

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Facelight provides easy detection of the hard tissue of the tooth infected by bacteria, especially the infected dentin structure in the clinical setting. This method makes the caries removal process much more reliable than other traditional ways (examination of tooth hardness, caries-finding staining agents). Conventional methods only give an indirect result about bacterial infection of the dentinal area. On the other hand, Facelight's special beam and diagnostic glasses are used together, allowing the bacterial infection layer (caries) left behind after the cavity is opened to be seen clearly.

Facelight offers at-a-glance caries diagnosis in the open cavity. Facelight supports you in precise excavating; Provides minimally invasive treatment. Control with Facelight protects you and minimizes the risk of recurrence of cavities.

Easy Operation

Caries-infected dentin is clearly visible in the open cavity illuminated by the Facelight probe. The porphyrin product appears red, while healthy tooth tissue appears green. Facelight diagnostic glasses show the contrast clearly.

Technicial Specifications


RB - 405

led wavelength

405 nm

light stick angle


Light probe weight (with 90° light bar)

65 g


long-life nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH), no memory

Diagnostik gözlük

500 Compatible with standard prescription eyeglasses with nm long-range filter

charging station voltageı

100 - 130 V or 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Charging station weight

278 g