Fgm Vitra Bleach Composite Set 5 pcs

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Fgm Vitra Bleach Composite Set 5 pcs

Have you had more time to work on direct restorations? Working with a composite resin that is less sensitive to room and reflective light is a huge advantage, especially when making complex restorations. And what if the same resin would maintain its color and opacity before and after photopolymerization, increasing the predictability of results? With APS technology this is possible and the benefits are achieved without the need to use specific photopolymerization equipment.

Total predictability of color and opacity before/after photopolymerization, the vast majority of commercially available composites undergo a significant color change when photopolymerized. Vittra APS undergoes the lowest discoloration.

The APS system provides more working time for Vittra APS resin compared to systems with conventional photoinitiators available on the market. In practice, Vittra APS resin allows the professional to work while there is enough light to shape even the most complex restorations.

The composition of Vittra APS includes sub-micrometric zirconia silicate charges with particles measuring 200 nm on average. Their form, content and structure contribute to the achievement of high mechanical properties and excellent aesthetics, perceived by the ease of polishing and achieving a high gloss life.

 Vitra Bleach Set Contents:
DA0, DA1, VH, E-Bleach and Trans OPL
+ Warehouse APS + Condac 37 + Diamond Excel.
Features and Advantages:
• Longer run time even when using artificial light.
• Compatible with all blue light curing equipment.
• Resin color predictability even before photopolymerization. (No color change after polymerization)
• Spherical zirconia silicate
• High mechanical strength.
• Easily obtained and maintained polishing and polishing.
• Excellent consistency.
• BPA-free Vittra APS
• BPA-free syringe

Smart Syringe
• Dosing tip to avoid waste.
• Reduces the risk of cross contamination
• Safe, ergonomic and easy closing smart lock cover.
• Different label and color coded syringes for dentine and enamel.

16 colors
• All aesthetic resources in one simplified system.
• Available in 2g and 4g syringes.

• The dosing tip allows access to the composite without placing the spatula in the receiver, reducing the risk of cross contamination.


Direct restorations of anterior and posterior teeth (all classes);
Direct coating in composite resin;
cementation of tooth fragments;
Core deposition;
Dental anchoring (splinting) of teeth;
Reduction or closure of diastemata;
Correction of tooth format (for example: does not contain teeth);
Porcelain / composite repairs;
Indirect restorations such as veneers, veneers and veneers.