Fgm - Whiteness Hp Whitening Gel at %35HP in Office Dental Whitening

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Fgm - Whiteness Hp Dental Whitening Gel at 35% for In-office Use.

Whiteness HP ​35% hydrogen peroxide dental whitening system for in-office use. ​• Bottle system: ideal amount. ​• Excellent yield. ​Advantages ​Versatility: Available in two phases, peroxide and thickener, it allows for the manipulation of just the necessary amount of the product. It can be used for a single tooth or a whole arch, avoiding waste of material. ​Excellent yield: The complete kit allows for 18 applications. ​Intense carmine color: It facilitates the visualization of the application area; the product becomes colorless at the end of the whitening process. ​Indications ​• Whitening of vital and non-vital teeth using the in-office whitening technique. ​Perform prophylaxis of the teeth, leaving the tooth surface free from biofilm. Select and record the patient’s teeth shade with a shade guide and/or photograph prior to starting whitening. ​Proceed to the insertion of the Arcflex (FGM) lips retractor, to facilitate access and handling of the buccal cavity, and then apply Desensibilize KF 2% for 10 minutes on the teeth that will be whitened. ​After desensitizing, remove the gel and dry the teeth and gum using air jets. Do the relative isolation applying the light -curing resin Top dam (FGM)4 ​Using the mixing tray that comes with the set, mix the phase Peroxide (phase 1) with the thickener phase (phase 2), at the rate of 3 drops of peroxide for 1 drop of thickener. The mixture of 3 drops of peroxide to 1 drop of thickener is enough to apply over one tooth. For the smiling line (20 teeth), in general 18 drops of peroxide to 6 drops of thickener are enough.

Kit for 18 applications with top dam

• 1 bottle with 10g of concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

 ​• 1 bottle with 5g of thickener. ​

• 1 bottle with 2g of Neutralize (neutralizing solution for peroxide).

​• 1 spatula and 1 plate for gel preparation.

​• 1 Top dam (FGM) with 2g.