Filtek Z250 Hybrid Composite Set

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3M Espe Filtek Z250
Universal Restorative

Filtek Z250 Hybrid Composite Refill



It is used in both anterior and posterior regions.
It does not stick to hand tools and is easy to apply.
The polymerization shrinkage is reduced, the polymerization time is 20 seconds.
It is semi-condensable and has a hard consistency.
Thanks to the incisal (I) and universal dentin (UD) colors, it has become easier to apply the natural tooth color to the filling.

8 Adet 4g Composite Syringe(A1,A2,A3,A3.5, B3, C2,D3,UD),

3ml Scotchbond Universal Etchant,

6g adper Single bond2,

25 tips,

25 aplikatör tips,

25 disc