Fuji II Lc Improved Intro Package Powder Liquid

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Fuji II Lc Improved Intro Package Powder Liquid
Fuji II Lc Improved Capsule
Glass Ionomer Restoration Material
It is a light-cured glass ionomer restoration material.
• Excellent aesthetics and polishability with reduced particle size,
• High filler ratio, improved wear resistance,
• High radiopacity to facilitate post-operative diagnosis,
• Thanks to its chemical bonding feature to the tooth structure, there is no need for acid and bonding application.
• Easy application and manipulation,
• It gives aesthetic results with 11 different color options.
• Ease of use with its capsule form.
• Restoration of Class III and V cavities,
• In restorations of milk teeth,
• It is used in the production of liners, bases and cores.
PACKAGING: 15 g Powder 6.8ml Liquid
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• 000137
Fuji II Lc Improved Capsule
In Capsule Form; Light Cured Glass Ionomer Sealant Cement
It is used only for indications recommended in dental practice.
• In class III and class V cavities, class I small cavities.
• In milk tooth fillings.
• In core production.
• In cases where radiopacity is required.
• In geriatric dentistry applications.
• As a pedestal.
• Direct capping.
• Patients with known glass ionomer allergy.
• In case of allergic reactions, consult a specialist immediately.
Terms of Use
• Powder / Liquid Ratio 0.30 gr / 0.11 gr
• Mixing Time 10 sec
• Working Time 2.00 min
• Net Curing Time 2.20 min
• Test Conditions: (23+/- 1°C), Humidity 50%+/-10.
• ISO 9917: 1991 (E) Glass ionomer (polyalkeonate) cements.
• Preparation and mixing of the capsule
• Before activating the capsule, shake it lightly or tap it on a hard surface to fluidize the powder.
• Press the tab on the lower end towards the main body to activate the capsule.
• Activate immediately by placing the capsule in the capsule gun (GC Capsule Applier) and pressing once.
• The capsule must be activated just before mixing.
• Immediately put the activated capsule in the capsule mixer for 10 seconds. mix. (+/- 4000 RPM)
Application Technique
• Prepare the tooth by conventional methods, furthermore, there is no need to enlarge the cavity for mechanical retention.
• Use calcium hydroxide cement in case the pulp is opened.
• Wash and dry the cavity, do not dry it completely, use GC Cavity Conditioner for 10 sec or GC Dentin Conditioner for 20 sec to remove smear layer. Apply to the joint surfaces with the help of a cotton pellet for a period of time.
• Wash with water, dry with a dry cotton pellet or gently air syringe.
• In order to get good results, it is recommended that the surface be moist to shine slightly.
• Mix the cement, the working time is 2.00 minutes (at 23°C) after the mixing process is complete.
• This period may be shortened in higher temperature environments.
• Dry the cavity, do not overdry.
• Using the GC Capsule gun (GC Applier II), apply the mixture directly to the cavity with the help of the transparent tip of the capsule, being careful not to form air bubbles.
• In order to direct the transparent end of the capsule, the knurled cap on the head of the capsule can be loosened by turning it clockwise, or it can be tightened with the opposite movement.
• Do not use the capsule without squeezing it again.
• To remove the used capsule, press the button on the back of the capsule gun, turn the capsule clockwise to remove it.
• Straighten the edges, use a transparent matrix if necessary.
• Immediately when hardened; Must be covered with GC FUJI VARNISH (air-cured) or GC FUJI LC (light-cured) varnish.
• Very fine diamond burs, silicon discs and fine belt sanders are used under water cooling.
• Cover surfaces in contact with air with GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC.
Storage Conditions
• Store in a cool and dark place at 4-25°C.
• Shelf life; 2 years from the date of manufacture.
• A1, A2, A3 ,A3.5, A4, B2, B3, B4, C2, C4, D2
• Assorted Package: 50 capsules (10 capsules from A4, B2, B3, C2, 5 capsules from B4 and D2).
• Single Color Package: 50 capsules
• Average in each capsule: 0.30 gr. powder, 0.11 g. (0.09 ml.) liquid.
• Average 0.12 ml from each capsule. Cement mix can be taken.
• In case of contact with skin or oral soft tissues, clean immediately with an alcohol swab. Wash with plenty of water.
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a specialist.