G-ænial Universal Flo Syringe 2ml

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GC G-ænial Universal Flo, Syringe 2ml
Flowable Restorative Composite
After years of development, the most
to the experience of good aesthetic clinicians
Based on an innovative and bold
brings a paradigm shift in restorative dentistry with its color concept. Essentia®, all your restorations with only 7 tubes of composite stock
It is an aesthetic solution developed for
3 dentins with chroma and opacity that change with the age of the patient.
2 enamels of different color and transparency complementing these dentins
consists of color. Dentins of light
breaking the refraction in a wider range,
reflective and durable
to be microhybrid and enamel
its polished and shiny surface for a long time.
nano-hybrid structure that can protect
has been made.
Wish permanent with fluid composite
If we could also do rhetorative filling
If you say G-aenial® Universal Flo
just for you. Because G-aenial®
Universal Flo has little consistency
fluid, but its physical properties
very close to the restorative composite.
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