G-Cem Capsule Cement - Self Adhesive Luting Cement

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G-Cem Capsule
Self Adhesive -Dual Cure Resin Adhesive Cement
• Self-adhesive, one-step application. There is no need for preliminary preparation such as pickling and bonding.
• Fast setting time: 3'30'' (after mixing at 37°C),
• Very easy to clean
• Strong bond to enamel and dentin
• It reduces post-operative sensitivity thanks to its strong covering property.
• It shows hydrophobic property after hardening.
• Secure bonding with both light and self-curing
• Ease of use and less technical precision, regardless of wet or dry
• Higher fluoride release than other self-adhesive luting cements
• It is used for the cementation of all kinds of metal-supported and non-supported crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, zirconium materials and for the cementation of fiberpost, metal post and ceramic endodontic posts.
• High aesthetics, better color stability and resistance to stains in every indication
• There are 50 capsules of each of A2, AO3, BO1, Translucent colors.