G-Cem Veneer Starter Kit - Light Cured Adhesive Resin Cement

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G-Cem Veneer Starter Kit

Aesthetic dentistry is evolving towards less invasive preparations with highly esthetic restorations that deserve special luting solutions. With an excellent viscosity and high physical performance, G-CEM Veneer is designed to offer a standardizing procedure for indirect restorations thicker than 2 mm. Thanks to its Full Silane Coverage (FSC) technology, it has unique thixotropic properties that make it easy to disperse, apply and clean while maintaining exceptional strength.

Adhesive luting in thickness (<2.0mm) and translucency of ceramic and composite coatings, interior and exterior coatings ensures full light-curing of the cement.

Optimal viscosity
Thixotropic consistency thanks to the latest technology in terms of filler coating: Fully coated Silane Coating (FSC) technology
Thanks to the unique viscosity of the material, it is easy to apply with high precision and easy etching processes.
Once applied, the material spreads evenly over the surface of the restoration to coat it homogeneously.
Superior performance
Used with G-Multi PRIMER and G-Premio BOND, G-CEM Coating provides a stable and durable adhesion to all types of surfaces and preparations.
Exceptional abrasion resistance, high bond and flexural strength can be achieved with a fill rate of 69% by weight thanks to FSC technology
natural aesthetic
Natural tooth-adjusted fluorescence of G-CEM Veneer
Four colors with optimized blending effect to meet all aesthetic needs
Perfect match trial pastes for predictable aesthetic result
High conversion rate after light curing, strong resistance to discoloration and staining over time for long lasting aesthetics