G2 Bond Universal Bond

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GC Dental - G2 Bond Universal - Two Component Light- Cured Universal Adhesive

GC expands its adhesive portfolio with G2-BOND Universal, its first versatile universal 2-bottle adhesive.

With GC's proprietary Dual H-Technology, G2-BOND Universal pioneers a new standard in adhesive dentistry, giving clinicians what they expect from existing self-etch and etch-and-rinse gold standard products in a single system.

Dual H-Technology G2-BOND Universal provides a hydrophilic smooth transition due to its hydrophobic properties, as well as improved tooth bonding optimization and compounding. Thanks to the HEMA-free composition, the remarkable hydrophobic bond layer reduces the occurrence of water absorption, which reduces the risk of deterioration and results in superior durability.

G2-BOND Universal offers a unique marginal quality with a strong bond layer that prevents void formation and microleakage, resulting in remarkable sealing effectiveness with virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

G2-BOND Universal offers an omnidirectional performance as a functional monomer without HEMA, distinctive, durable adhesion to different substrates (4-Met, MDP MDTP).

G2-BOND Universal offers controlled dispensing with its modern, smart and ergonomic cover design, eliminating waste and thus saving costs.

G2-BOND Universal introduces a new standard of 2-bottle bonding in all etching modes.

Long-lasting restoration
Virtually no post-operative sensitivity and unmatched marginal quality
Superior handling and distribution