Gluma Üniversal Bond Dental Adhesive - 4 ml

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The Gluma Bond Universal refill 1x4ml is the new Universal Bond from Kulzer

Using the Gluma Bond Universal you can pick any bonding technique you like
-Total Etch: The etching can be applied on the dentin and the enamel as well.
-Selective etching: You can etch just the enamel
-Self etching: Bonding without separate etch

With the Gluma One bond you can reach the best result with any of your favourite bonding method.

1 material for all indications, and intra oral repair
-1 material is securing bonding of direct and indirect restorations, or repair of veneering.
-This bonding agent can be used for any cavity type in the black class, for bonding any dual curing or self curing methacrylate based composite/compomer direct restauration.
-Light curing, dual curing or self curing core build up material bonding
-Sealing of ultra sensible teeth surfaces
-Base lining of cavity before amalgam
-Bonding of fissure sealers
-Securing of cavity and the prepared build ups before fixing the restoration (Immediate dentine sealing technique)
-Bonding of indirect restorations combined with light curing, dual curing, or self curing adhesive resin cement.
-Intra oral repair of composite restorations, compomer restorations, metal ceramic, metal and full ceramic restorations

Kulzer Gluma Bond Universal refill 1x4ml

Kulzer Gluma Universal Bond 4 ml