Herculite Classic Micro Hibrit Composite Standart Set + 2 Syringe A2 Gift

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Herculite Classic Micro Hibrit Composite Standart Set

Kerr Herculite Classic Composite Set
Universal Microhybrid Composite Set

Herculite Classic composite set contents
-5x 5 gr Enamel color composite (1 piece A1, 2 pieces A2, 1 piece A3, 1 piece B1) + 2 Syringe A2 Gift

-1 x OptiBond Solo Plus (5ml)

- 2 pcs of Acid Gel (3 gr),

-25 Mixing Bowls,

-50 Application Tips

Herculite composite set with 20 Acid Applicator Tips.

Product Description: Herculite Classic™ composite is a microhybrid composite developed using the Vita® color scale. Thanks to its superior application features, you can easily perform anatomical shaping with Herculite Classic. For over 15 years, Herculite Classic's proven clinical efficacy, long-lasting aesthetic results and excellent wear rates are a testament to the reliability and durability of the composite. By maximizing versatility with 38 opacity it offers, Herculite offers a separate solution for each clinical case with syringe and disposable forms.
• High wear resistance

• Long-lasting shine and durability

• Ideal color options

• Proven long-term performance