Drm High Speed Dental Air Turbine with Led Generator - YING-TUP - 2 Hole

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Built-in Lighting with Self-generator
Self-illuminated dental turbines are equipped with built-in generator and led, which provides greater visibility on the surface of the work surface.
Considering the speed of operation, patients no longer feel the radiated vibrations, which ensures their comfort during the procedures.
Basically, they penetrate the hardest tissues of the tooth structures, removing the remnants of decay or old clogging.
Ergonomic Design
The ergonomic design and small size make each dental turbine easy to use, regardless of the conditions or the model chosen.
Easy Operation
This category of handheld devices is complemented by a practical button release system, which allows for a quick change of milling cutters.
All the dental turbines we sell are rugged and safe. Healthcare personnel and patients are not at any risk during use.

Technicial Specifications:

3 spray holes
Supply air pressure: 206 ~ 231 KPa (2.1 ~ 2.35 kgf / cm2)
Rotation speed: 330,000 ~ 420,000 rpm
Self luminous 2 Hole Borden Connection