İmplantfix All on Four and Six Guide

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The Implantfix All on 4-6 Guide is used in edentulous jaws.
Visual guidance during drilling operations; mesio-distal inclined implant installation is desired. The guide can also be used during an orientation.
The Implantfix all on four Guide consists of three separate parts;
A slightly tapered pin with a ball joint,
a connecting screw
a guide piece with extensions.
Markings on Implantfix All on four are for 0°, 15°, and 30°.

Step by step application;
Assemble the guide, and after 1-2 turns of the screw, the 3 parts are held together and held by hand.
Make a hole in the chin with a 1.9 mm diameter drill in the midline and place the implantfiz all on four into this guide hole.
Use the lines on the implantfix to adjust the implant angles.
Clean and sterilize after each use