Impregum Penta Soft Quick Refill

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3M Espe Impregum Penta Soft Quick
  Polyether Impression Material Used with Pentamix Device


It is a sensitive polyether impression material that is mixed automatically in the Pentamix system, can be transferred to the spoon and syringe, and used with a single-stage monophase impression technique.
Crown-bridge, inlay-onlay, total-partial and implant measurements are taken.
In addition to the hydrophilic, thixotropic, snap set properties of polyether, it has the advantage of new generation polyethers:
It is easy to remove after freezing.
The taste has been improved.

Impregum Penta Soft is mixed with Pentamix and transferred directly to the adhesive applied impression tray.
Impregum Penta Soft is filled from Pentamix into its special syringe and sprayed onto the preparation surface.
Following this application, the spoon filled with Impregum Penta Soft is placed in the mouth and held in place without applying pressure until the freezing is complete.
Working time from start of mixing: 2:45 min.
Total freezing time: 6 min.

Properties of Polyther
It is hydrophilic. Spreads completely on wet surfaces. It does not escape from environments containing saliva, blood and moisture.
It is thixotropic. Impression flows when pressure is applied, stops when released. It does not flow into the patient's throat, does not drip when applying to the upper jaw.
It has snap set feature. The freezing reaction starts towards the end of the runtime. At the end of the runtime, all of the material freezes simultaneously and equally. Thus, deformations that may occur during operation are prevented.
Cannot be combined with silicone materials.