Impregum Super Quick Light Body 2x50 ml Impression Tray

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Product features:
Super fast polyether with 45 second run time and fast 2 minute setting
Excellent performance and excellent flow behavior in humid conditions
High accuracy and detail reproduction for high precision restorations
Improved fresh, minty taste and scent for greater patient comfort
Scannable with current generation scanners
Available in heavy, medium, light body and ultra light body consistencies
First true super-fast polyether designed for faster high-precision displays in smaller situations

3M™ Impregum™ Super Speed ​​Polyether Printing Material combines the superior performance and reliability of a polyether with the speed of a VPS. Get the same superior print accuracy and detail reproduction even in the case of a single unit without limiting productivity.

Recommended Applications:
Single unit crown representations
Single unit implant impressions
Inlay / onlay displays
Smaller bridge displays (up to 3 units)

Package Contents: 2x50 ML Super Quick Light Body