Ionofil Plus Powder Glass Ionomer Filling Material

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İonofil Plus


Filling material for new glass ionomer technology


V-shaped defects and cervical enamel erosions

as a pedestal

Restoration of milk teeth

In the treatment of carious lesions

Class III restorations


  • Density suitable for simple application
    good marginal adaptation
    Good level of transparency
    Proven glass ionomer technology
    good aesthetics

REF 1520 set 3 x 15 g powder (A1, A3, B3), 10 ml liquid, 3 ml Final Varnish LC, accessories
REF 1521 15 g powder A1
REF 1522 15 g powder A3
REF 1523 15 g powder B3
REF 1524 liquid 10 ml