Jig Gel Light Cured Pattern Resin 5*12gr

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 Dentreal - Jig Gel Light Cured Pattern Resin - 5*12gr
Jig Come The light-hardened pattern is the resin product that is hardening with the injection type light that can easily design 12grimplant jigs. This is an innovative product that abandon the method of sucking the resin powder to solutions using a brush and the method of leaving the method of pouring the implant abutment several times.
  Benefits of JIG-GEL
  Reduces workload and efficiency
  Polishing is not required
  Easy to use even for beginners
  High quality
Scope of application:
-Post and core building up
-Lingual and palate bar
-Implant Additional
-Water bridge
-Telescoping crowns
-Water-soldering techniques


5*12 gr Jig Gel - Light Cured Pattern Resin - İmplant Jig

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