Little Hotties Hand Warmers (Choose Quantity Below)

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  • Average activated temperature is 135 F (57 C)
  • Provide warmth aand comfort in all cold conditions
  • Odorless, environmentaly safe heat source

PartNumber: 759175

Details: Little Hotties are odorless, environmentally friendly and provide a heat source for comfort in all cold conditions. They are the choice of athletes, anglers, hunters, campers, spectators, skiers, construction workers and more. Precautions Little Hotties Hand Warmers can become very hot (up to 165°F/74°C) direct contact with skin could result in burns. If warmers are used incorrectly, higher temperatures may occur, causing burns. Supervision is needed for use by the elderly, infants, children, people with sensitive skin and by people not fully aware of the sensation of heat. People with diabetes, frostbite, scars, open wounds, bruising, swelling or circulatory problems should consult a physician before using Little Hotties Hand Warmers. Remove warmers immediately if they become uncomfortable or too hot. Do not allow the contents to come in contact with eyes or mouth. If contact occurs, wash thoroughly with clean water.

Model: 759175