Matrix System Kit Set of 10 with Forceps

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 Walser - Matrix System - 10 pcs -Stretching Matrices
It consists of 4 interfaces, 6 mod fillings, a total of 10 kinds of Matrix and pliers.
It is a fast, economical, easy-to-use, safe system. It can be put on and taken off with just one movement. No keys or screws are needed. It hugs all the teeth tightly. Sometimes there is no need to use a wedge. It can be easily applied to all kinds of teeth. It can be sterilized and used many times when desired and maintains high spring force every time. It is made of stainless steel.
• It provides optimal filling with one matrix at a time and is very durable. • It is applied in seconds and removed from where it was applied.
• Automatically adapts to the shape (even conical) of each tooth. • There is tremendous spring tension in the cervical and tangential direction.
• The patient can make a biting motion even with the matrix in his mouth.
 • It is placed more easily than systems that do not stretch.
• Rarely requires a wedge when sitting on the cavity.
• Ideal for children.
• Does not cause discoloration of composites or silicates.
• Matrix tapes are only 0.05 mm thick. Presentation: 10 pieces (Matrix Clamp Included.)