MTA Angelus White - 2 Application

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MTA White - 2 Applications
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate, MTA-Angelus is an endodontic fiber from several mineral oxides. It cannot be created from fine hydrophiles. Before it is mixed with water, it acquires the consistency of jelly, and becomes a solid on the side.
In root canal and furcation perforations,
Internal resorption, Reverse canal filling, Direct pulp dressing and pulpotomy (permanent and in molds),
Apexification and apex formation,
In case of a wide apex, it is used for apical occlusions before root canal application.
It makes calcium. Not reviewed due to moisture in the mouth.
It is highly alkaline. It has anti-bacterial properties.
It is low resolution.
It is bio compatible.
reference is 44.2 MPa.
It is more radiopaque than dentin and bone.
Setting time is shorter (15 min) than similar cements.

Color Options: White, Gray

MTA 2x0.14 gr
Distilled water 3 ml