MTA Cem LC - Beam Pedestal Cavity Liner - 4*2 gr

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MTA Cem LC - Beam Pedestal Cavity Liner - 4*2 gr


Nexobio MTAcem LC Silicate Cement:

light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate filled liner; It has been developed as a protective base material under direct and indirect pulp capping and composite, amalgam, cements and other base materials.
Can be used as an ideal alternative to calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, RMCI, IRM/ZOE and other restorative materials (cap and base)
MTAcem LC Silicate acts as an insulator/barrier and preservative for the pulp complex

The patented, special formula of MTAcem LC Silicate consists of tricalcium silicate particles in hydrophilic monomers and provides a significant calcium release.
In this way, MTAcem LC functions as a permanent capping and base material that preserves its silicate structure.

Packaging : 4 x 2 gr

1 syringe contains 2 grams of product.