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Practical Universal Composite System

Simplify your workflow and stock management with OptiShade™ Universal Composite without compromising the most important aspects of your restorations such as durability and aesthetics. Powered by Adaptive Response Technology, OptiShade meets 16 VITA® classic colors with only 3 colors — save time on color selection, shorten your treatment time. 

With fewer products to stock, reorder and track, OptiShade lets you focus on your treatments rather than inventory management. This practical feature, combined with superior strength, realistic aesthetic results and long-lasting performance, allows you to continue to make your patients smile with confidence.

  • Powered by ART.  Proven technology found in Harmonize™, the ART filler network; It helps you achieve lifelike restorations with extraordinary strength and unique aesthetics.
  • Make color matching easy Color selection is now easier and faster. OptiShade meets 16 VITA® classic colors with just 3 shades: Light, Medium, Dark. 
  • Save time and money.  Reduce clutter on your shelves; Avoid the hassle of ordering with a large number of product codes and reduce or eliminate the number of expired products. Save time and money by meeting almost all your composite needs with as few colors as possible.
  • Universal for All Cavity Classes Confidently use OptiShade in all cavity classes without the need for a concealer.