Orthofix Titanyum Orthodontic Mini Screw Set- Orthodontic Mini Implant - Screw Ø2.0 mm

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Orthodontic Mini-Screw

Dentalimplants offer a safe and noteworthy solution in dentistry, and orthodontists widely prefer them for controlling tooth movement in orthodontics.

Support and anchorage have been the essentials of orthodontic treatments, andorthodontic mini screwhas been a tremendous advancement for that purpose.

What is An Orthodontic Mini Screw?

Anorthodontic mini screwis a small metal screw that helps to reposition the poorly located teeth to a better position, and it is placed between the gum and jaw bone. They are also referred to as micro ormini-screws, mini implants, or temporary anchorage devices (TADs).

Why Use An Orthodontic Mini Screw?

Repositioning the poorly located teeth might sometimes move the other teeth of suitable condition and location. In these instances, using orthodontic mini-screws helps teeth straightening while covering the gaps between them.

Set Content:
18 Pieces  Orthodontic Screws
Diameter :2.0 mm
Screw Wrench
Autoclavable Aluminum screw transport box