CACAO BARRY - MYCRYO COCOA BUTTER 550 GR / Powdered Cocoa Butter

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CACAO BARRY - MYCRYO COCOA BUTTER 550 GR / Powdered Cocoa Butter 


  • 100% pure and natural, for deliciously simple cooking with less fat and fewer calories!
  • It’s a new cooking method that reveals the authentic taste of your food.
  • Discover all the benefits that cooking with Mycryo cocoa butter brings to your cuisine!

Part Number: NCB-HD706-BY-X55

Details: From the heart of the tropical forest the cocoa pod has not finished revealing its delicious secrets. The most recent discovery is the unique and revolutionary properties of Mycryo powdered cocoa butter used in cuisine to grill, sauté, sear and fry. Fewer calories, versatile and practical cooking with Mycryo cocoa butter will amaze you. Your food is tastier and juicier with a perfect texture.

# Powdered Cocoa Butter - Mycryo - 550 g

This cocoa butter in powder form is can be used for tempering chocolate or for cooking.  
Chocolate Tempering:  
With Mycryo 100% pure cocoa butter, tempering becomes an easy task, simple to perform. This method has multiple advantages:
• Requires minimum equipment.
• Simply add 1% Mycryo by weight to the chocolate; namely 10 g for 1 kg of chocolate (1.6 oz for 1 lb) when the chocolate reaches the correct temperature.
• The chocolate remains perfectly fluid.
• Longer working time before the chocolate hardens. Shape the chocolate by hand or mould with an enrober.

Mycryo is a powder with insulating properties that brings out the colour, texture and natural taste of every food.  Mycryo is a desodorised fat
- No taste added to your meal, so that you reveal the natural taste of your product.
- The heat resistance of MYCRYO® Butter allows to preserves your ingredients
- Retain natural juices and moisture. Perfect for food rich in water like mushrooms or fish!
- Natural tastes are revealed and intensified.
- Mycryo can be sprinkled onto cooking
- Can be cleaned easily with a paper towel.
- Use less fat : 50 to 70 % caloric reduction.

 Suitable for vegetarians and for halal preparations.  Mycryo is vegetable fat.

MAY CONTAIN: Milk. The product was packaged using machines that may have come into contact with milk.  Kosher

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