Protaper Universal - Hand Form Canal File

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ProTaper ® nickel titanium rotary files are specially designed for the treatment of difficult, highly calcified or crooked root canals.
Conical progressive provides consistent, successful cleaning and shaping with the flexibility and efficiency of a patented flute design

SX or Shaping X files make coronal enlargement and are used for shaping

It provides shaping with its special groove structure (1st and 2nd pictures) with the coronal aspects of the canals in long roots. The file is progressively larger (taper) over its length. provides channel space.

Shaping F-1 or S-1 to prepare the coronal canal,

The F-2, or S2 Shaping is designed, enlarges and prepares in the middle third.

While both instruments best prepare the coronal two-thirds of a canal, they do not gradually enlarge its apical third.
Finishing pictures, or F1, F2 and F3 tools are best designed to finish the apical third, they do subtly and gradually expand the third shape of a middle channel. Generally, only a finishing tool is required to prepare the apical third of a single canal and selected is based on the canal's curvature and cross-sectional diameter.