Remedi Portable Portable X-Ray

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Remedi Portable Portable X-Ray

The REMEX-T (K) 100 Portable X-ray Equipment is designed for use by trained dentists and dentistry.
Technicians receptors as an extra oral x-ray source to produce diagnostic x-ray images using intra-oral imaging. It is intended for use by adults, children and pregnant women.
The owner/operator is responsible for verifying ongoing compliance exposures, leakage.
 radiation, alignment of the useful beam, and calibration of kVp and mA. Annual verification by federal law may be required by a qualified service technician. Compliance with relevant legal regulations and
legal requirements are the responsibility of the owner/operator. Consult local, state and/or federal
Agencies dealing with special terms and regulations applicable to the use of such medical electronic equipment.
Make sure the adapter is unplugged before trying to clean it. To make sure the power is off
REMEX-T (K) 100 when cleaning. Use only an alcohol-based disinfectant - tissue or cloth
moistened with liquid or spray. The REMEX-T (K) 100 and accompanying adapter must be subjected to any sterilization procedure. The REMEX-T (K) 100 is not designed to be used.
sterilize something else.

Class IIb (Annex IX, Rule 10, Council Directive 93/42 / EEC as amended by Directive 2007/47 / EC)
(The model name is different according to the X-ray tube.)
Electric shock protection type

- ClassⅡ equipment (Exposure mode)

- Built-in power supply equipment (Charge mode)

- Type B Applied part

Rated power of AC/DC adapter - Input: 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A

- Output: 12.6 Vdc, 1.5 A
The rated power of the rechargeable battery is 11.1 Vdc, 1500 mAh
Power input 160 VA (in charging mode)
Tube voltage 70 kV (Fixed)
Tube current 2 mA (Constant)
Exposure time range 0.01 s ~ 1.3 s
Focal spot size 0.4 mm (conforming to IEC 60336: 1993)
Natural filtration Min. 1.0 mmAl / 0.8 mmAl
filament characteristic
1.0 ~ 4.0 V, 2.2 ~ 3.0 A (max filament current)
2.0 ~ 3.5 V, 2.2 ~ 3.0 A (max filament current)
Anode angle 12.5°/12.0°
Thermal Properties 4.3 kJ / 7.0 kJ
Maximum Anode Heat Dissipation Rate 430 W / 560 W
Protection against water ingress or
particulate matter IPX0
Method of use, mode of operation
Continuous operation
(The recharge time of the high voltage tank is 10 sec.)
Expected service life 5 years
Basic performance

- Accuracy of loading factors
Tube voltage accuracy: less than 10%
Tube current accuracy: less than 20%
Irradiation time accuracy: less than 5% + 50 ms
Tube current time accuracy: ± (10% +0.2 mAs)
- Repeatability of radiation output:
coefficient of variation of measured air values
kerma: less than 0.05