Repair Kit - Porcelain Repair Set

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GC Repair Kit - Porcelain Repair Set
Repair Kit 1-2-3 is that easy
Smart products and technical guides for all your intra-oral repair procedures
With the GC Repair Kit, your repairs at the bedside have become much easier. Daily
An adequate kit for all repair cases you encounter in your practice.
Gradia Plus Opaque:
This light-cured opaquer effectively blends the dark background.
It helps you to mask and thus you want in metal-based restorations.
You can reach aesthetics.
Ceramic Primer 2:
We recommend you to use a separate silane agent to follow the zero compromise approach.
Ceramic Primer II, together with G-Premio Bond, gives long life to glass ceramics and hybrid ceramics.
and it will create a solid connection.
G-Premio Bond:
Universal bonding provides effective bonding to all substructures and surfaces.
GC Repair Kit:
Ceramic Primer II (5 unitdoses),
G-Premio BOND (5 unitdoses),
GRADIA PLUS OA1 (1 syringe 2.0mL)