Revolution Covered Metal Bracket

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Revolution Self-Ligating Bracket System 

In creating our latest innovation, the DynaFlex® engineers thought outside the box to produce a truly unique, passive, self-ligating bracket system that performs as smoothly as it looks. With a sleek, ultra low profile design for ultimate patient comfort, the Revolution™ bracket system is perhaps the easiest self-ligating system available on the market, requiring no special instruments or training of any kind. Simply bond it, clip it, and watch it work. It is an effective self-ligating bracket system that allows you to focus on the treatment, and not the appliances. It truly is revolutionary.

Revolutionary Hygenic Clip Design
The clips are designed with a powerful dual-locking mechanism that eliminates unwanted openings. The tolerances of the sliding mechanism are so precisely engineered that it is virtually impossible for food debris to enter, leading to less chance of plaque and tartar buildup. This not only promotes good oral hygiene, but also allows the bracket to function as intended over the lifetime of the treatment.

Classic twin design
The Revolution™ bracket system allows for fast and accurate bracket placement due to its familiar twin design. Even though Revolution™ is a self-ligating bracket system, the under tie wing area allows for the option of engaging elastomeric ligatures or power chain over the clip or after the clip is removed. Revolution™ is designed for easy removal of the self-ligating clip to enhance the finishing process.