Riva Luting Plus - Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement- 50 Capsule

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SDI Dental - Riva Luting Plus - Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement-50 Capsule


Glass ionomer luting cement in resin-reinforced Capsule or Powder Liquid Form.
It is used in permanent cementation of crowns and bridges, inlay-onlay cementation, cementation of pins and screws and orthodontic applications.

It releases extraordinary fluoride.

Thanks to the low film thickness, the compatibility of the tooth and the prosthesis increases.

Chemical polymerization of enamel and dentine.

It has high adhesive power.

It has a proven antimicrobial effect. It has been proven to be effective against 3 bacteria that cause caries / caries.

low water solubility.

With sufficient working time, it saves time for the physician.

It does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).


50 Riva Luting Plus Capsules